Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hi to all
In my last post I didn’t mention the process of how I make these things so just wanted to explain how I make these products .
The first step is that I need to find out clay so normally I go to pottery units but they use clay un filtered as such but for my work I need to filter it twice or thrice depending upon the quality of clay. I can mould things only when I get pure semi solid clay.
The tools I use is really funny I call it Sophisticated HI – Tech tools I have added that in my pic.After getting the required shapes the product should be dried completely before I take them to the pottery unit again for firing. The firing is the same as any other pottery. Then comes the most important thing of designing. I normally do with cotton treads. And the coloring is a trade secret but I guarantee it is 100% naturally done. I make sure that each piece is different.
The only grief that I have is that when some people come to me and say that Rs250 – Rs 1500 is expensive as this is just clay. So at least people who read my blog should know the effort behind my products & it is not that I buy from others and sell it each bead is made by hands so it consumes most of the time………

Monday, August 2, 2010