Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lets move from gold ....

Jewelry means Gold, don’t you think that we should move from this concept. This idea of terracotta jewelry came to my mind when I was surfing through the net for a reference.


  1. oh my... these are truly beautiful... I am soooooooooooo proud of you to take this bold step!! Well done!!

  2. Hi Patricia Torres
    So happy to have your commends on the products which is been neglected by most people

  3. hi!!!
    your creativity is truly amazing....loved your work.... i am in awe of these bangles....your blog is a reflection of the most beautiful things available in india and which has been ignored for years. If the same had been in any other country...i am sure they would have cashed on it.lovely blog....all the best

  4. manjusha
    very bold attempt..beautiful creations...I am also from Kochi

  5. please mail me the cost of blue and gold combination...first one

  6. Hi I loved your work a lot. I want to make these too. Can you post some tutorials, as I live in US, it is hard for me to find a class here. Thanks in advance, you truly have inspired me.

  7. Dear Manju,
    Myself and Mohanettan had a look at your creations in the blog and found it even greater. Good luch to you and wish for great future.
    - Latha Mohandas