Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Make Over

Hi to all...
Just some new snaps.Thanks to Chandu my friend & Fashion Photographer.


  1. Very beautiful presentation of clay jewels

  2. Hi
    Came to your blog after reading your article in Metroplus, HINDU.you have a lovely collection.Truly very talented and great to see those earthy tones. If i need to order, how do i contact you?

  3. hi
    how are u? i got to know ur blog through the metroplus the hindu...i got to know that to get a few grams of gold we need to move tons nd tons of earth.the result nature is beeing destroyed.
    after reading about that i lost the desire on gold.
    but when i saw ur artical i got satisfied that there are many people like you to protect the nature.
    im also trying to do my bit by doing paper bag.even that is not satisfiable because we have to cut lots of trees for that. than i came out with bio degradable plastic bags. i m marketing it in my home town but since it costs 35% more than the ordinary bags people hesitate to get that.
    i hope this may be usefull for some one u know.

  4. Hey...ur collections are grt....Can you tell us how to contact you or how to order these?

  5. Your work is beautiful. how do we order these ?

  6. Hello manjusha gone thru ur collections. Wanted to order so e . How can I get it? Thanks in advance

  7. My mail I'd is winordie.deepu @gmail.com